Stratfield.  The tall student barracks under construction.  Aug 2013.

Out of the many experiences I have recently had in this zone of reconstruction a naming has emerged which settles for me upon the view from inside the Olympic Park looking towards this emerging centre of industrialised retail. It clusters around the transport interchanges which bring people and commodities here. I call this location Stratfield.

Branded punter attending the Tour de France peloton's 120seconds transit through through the Olympic Park.

Branded punter attending the Tour de France peloton’s 120seconds transit through the Olympic Park.  July 2014

Relive the Spirit s
International Way next to the student accommodation block above the high speed railway station. July 2013

The layout of these broad thoroughfares are components of an oversized landscape designed for the performance of grand spectacles of sport, leisure and retail.

Event flotsam. July 2013

Event flotsam.   July 2013

Westfield Apparatchik 2 s

Above is a view taken well before the rush hour on a cold foggy February morning in 2013 of an energised apparatchik setting off across the bridge to Stratford.

Stratford dreamer in a fog. Angel Lane. Feb 2014

Stratford dreamer in a fog.  Angel Lane.  Feb 2014

Visitors. Westfield hoarding artwork. Sept 2010

Visitors.  Westfield hoarding artwork.  Sept 2010

Plan and people. A developers illustration. Hoarding Stratford. Sept 2010

Plan and people.  A developer’s illustration. Hoarding Stratford.  Sept 2010

Starting their day. Crossing the 'Bridge of Size'.Feb 2013

Starting their day. Crossing the ‘Bridge of Size’. Feb 2013